Ge periscope dryer vent

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Ge periscope dryer vent

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Periscope Dryer Vent

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ge periscope dryer vent

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English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. How to install a clothes dryer exhaust vent: choosing materials, routing vent ducting, dryer vent duct connections, dryer vent termination at an exterior wall. Also we explain and illustrate problems that result from improper dryer vent installation design, materials, routing, and filtering including dryer vent clogging, clothes dryer fire hazards, building moisture and mold problems, and increased clothes dryer operating costs due to poor or blocked dryer vents.

This article series describes good practices for clothes dryer vent installation, lint traps, wall vents, filters, and screens.

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We include a list of clothes dryer fire safety hazards and other clothes dryer installation or maintenance mistakes that are either unsafe or that interfere with effective, economical dryer operation. Most clothes dryer exhaust vent installations use 4" diameter vent piping, the minimum-allowed. But the variety of materials and duct prices can fool you into making a bad or even a dangerous choice. Clothes dryer exhaust duct material choices that you are likely to find at building supply stores include the materials listed below, and illustrated throughout this article.

Flat Dryer Vent

Although we have observed this material widely used in homes as "dryer vent ducting" it should not be used for that purpose. Cranor elaborates: "Plastic" dryer duct" sold at various suppliers does not say on the packaging that it can be used for clothes dryer ducts Plastic duct is not a UL approved dryer duct material, not code approved and its use will void any dryer manufacturer warranty.

It is not safe, not durable, and not effective. Watch out : Use rigid or semi-rigid metal dryer vent material [we recommend rigid metal dryer vent ducting]: Virtually all independent authorities, including the US CPSC, Underwriters Laboratories, and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, and experienced home inspectors such as Cranor all recommend the use of rigid or semi-rigid metal ducting for clothes dryer exhaust venting.

And we prefer rigid, solid metal dryer vent ducting wherever possible. An acceptable alternative that is nearly as effective is semi-rigid metal duct work, though we have found that that material is easily dented, crushed, or damaged. Metal ducts, having a smooth interior surface provide these advantages when used on clothes dryer systems:.

Above: an angled clothes dryer exhaust vent hood. Two other types: a box hood that is quite similar, and a louvered hood are also provided. Watch out : we have found serious and chronic lint clogging of louvered dryer exhaust vent hoods IF the hood uses multiple louvers that are small in width. Above: I'm checking a two-louver dryer wall vent hood that is somewhat resistant to lint clogging.

Flexible clothes dryer is easy to install, avoids having to mess with elbows in the duct system, and is inexpensive, but that material restricts air flow and may sag, giving you areas that collect water and risk leaking into the building.

Our dryer vent installation photos just below illustrate use of 4" galvanized metal dryer ducts. Above you can see that we had to use a pair of elbows to lift the dryer vent duct into the building ceiling cavity. Watch out : some manufacturers recommend against using sheet metal screws to secure dryer duct sections because the screws collect lint. Also if you have ever tried reaching into a dryer exhaust duct to clean it by hand and had your arm ripped open by the SMS screw you may have another objection.

At above right our second dryer vent duct photo illustrates passage of the duct through the rim joist. Notice that we carefully caulked this opening both inside shown and outside the wall not shown.

This duct section can be inspected and if necessary cleaned by removing the outside vent cover. Photos courtesy of Eric Galow, Galow Homes. See the dryer vent duct photos just above. Watch out : manufacturers typically advise against using screws to secure dryer vent duct sections as the end of the screw protruding into the duct interior increases lint-trapping and may make the vent duct harder to clean.Planning a visit to the United States?

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In Stock. Created nice tight connection without requiring much space between dryer and wall just as advertised. Installation was easy, but as discussed in other reviews, have metal tape not duct tap ready to seal up the ends once you've determined the correct length for the ducting.

The instructions say that you can leave the excess ducting, but odds are if you need this type of connection, you probably don't have room for a bunch unused ducting, so having tin snips available is a good idea. Add to cart.

In stock. I purchased this product in order to reduce the space in back of the dryer. It does a good job in solving that problem. The product consists of three pieces that need to be taped together. The top needs to be taped on, as well as the two pieces that telescope to vary its length. I would suggest purchasing aluminum tape for the job and not duct tape. The aluminum tape is superior to duct tape. It might be a good idea to purchase it on Amazon at the same time you order the duct.

Whirlpool Inch to Inch Vent Periscope. I had been looking at new dryers, because mine was taking nearly 2 hours to dry a load of towels. Always being a bit worried about dryer vent fires, I had cleaned out the corrugated wire dryer hose that was filled with lint With all the gunkI want to replace the flexible dryer hose with a rigid vent.

After a trip to Lowe's looking at sheet metal and vents I came home empty handed. I searched around and found the Periscope I would call it a "rigid Dryer vent" because that's what I had been looking for before I found this.

The only thing to look out for is to measure the distance from the vent pipe to the back of the dryer. The periscope comes in multiple This was exactly what I needed for my laundry in an upstairs closet. My dryer has a fat back instead of a flat back so this made it easier for me to close the closet doors.

Really easy to install. I had a need after buying a house where the builder ran the dryer vent across the house where it vented to the front of the house. I installed Better Vent in my garage so my dryer blows directly out instead of across the house.More Features. Actual retail prices may vary by dealer. MSRP applies to the continental 48 United States and does not include such items as delivery, installation, installation accessories i.

Consult your local authorized GE Appliance dealer for its prices. Warning: Risk of Fire or Explosion This electrical component is a manufacturer-authorized service part to be used in refrigerator models with a flammable refrigerant, such as Ra.

Using an unauthorized service part in a unit that uses a flammable refrigerant could lead to a risk of fire or explosion in your refrigerator. About this Product Features The periscope dryer vent reduces wall-to-dryer clearance to 2 inches Its unique design allows the vent to rotate to any position Designed with durable metal construction for easy installation Includes : 2 steel screw clamps and aluminum tape UL listed More Features. Print Specs.

ge periscope dryer vent

Schedule Service Our online tools are here 24 hours a day to help you arrange the service you need. Schedule Service. By Phone. California Proposition Flammable Refrigerant Compatible. Cum adispicing solaris emit fhqwhgads compy.When we bought our house, it came with an old school washer and dryer in the kitchen.

They took up almost the whole wall on the far side of the room. Also check out that horrible fake wood counter and backsplash. Those came out in short order too.

ge periscope dryer vent

One of our first big purchases for the house was a new Samsung front-loading washer and dryer. We got a good deal on them from Lowes by using one of those coupons you get when you change your address, plus one of those appliance sales they have several times a year.

We had the installers stack them, which allowed us to move our refrigerator from its original location just inside the kitchen doorway. That really opened up the room. But there was a problem. That meant that in order to leave enough room behind the dryer for the vent, the washing machine had to stick out 4 inches further than I had realized.

I did some research and found out that while the default is for the vent to come out the back of the dryer, it can also be configured to come out either side!

ge periscope dryer vent

Great, I thought, this will solve the problem. Lowes told me to call Samsung. Samsung told me to use a Whirlpool side vent kit. I called Whirlpool and they told me to get the side vent kit from Lowes. I called Lowes again and they told me to call Samsung or Whirlpool. I found the Whirlpool side vent kit on appliancezone. It took them over a month to send it to me even though they charged my credit card when I ordered it.

Unfortunately, the regular user manual does not provide instructions or even enough information about the insides of the dryer to figure out how to disassemble it. I needed the service manual. I found the service manual on several websites, but they were all charging an arm and a leg for it.

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Apparently not. I asked for the service manual to my dryer, and within a short time the Samurai provided it in downloadable format! The Samurai Appliance guy is providing a really helpful service at a reasonable price.

I followed the directions in the service manual and started disassembling the dryer.Whether your laundry area is a small closet or a spacious room, getting a close fit between the dryer and the wall vent is sometimes challenging. In a small laundry closet, especially one with doors, you may not have that luxury. Altering the setup or modifying the exhaust vents can make a big difference.

Flexible dryer vent hoses are usually much longer than you need. Excess hose curled up behind the dryer prevents you from pushing the dryer close to the wall, and it can also be dangerous. The coiled ridges in a flexible hose trap dryer lint, which can heat up and catch fire.

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Flexible hoses are also prone to kinks, which trap more lint. When installing a flexible hose, measure the space between the dryer and the wall and cut the hose a few inches longer than you need.

The slight extra length of hose lets you to move the dryer out while you install the hose, and the hose coils compress the hose evenly when you push the dryer close to the wall.

A shorter hose also helps your dryer work more efficiently. Accordingly, many homes have a dryer vent exhaust opening cut through the wall directly behind where a dryer would sit.

This arrangement appears logical, but it can prevent a close fit because of the space required for the dryer vent hose. Some dryers have the option of relocating the dryer exhaust from the back of the dryer to the left or right side of the housing. If your dryer has side exhaust capabilities, you can move the dryer close to the wall, relocate the exhaust opening through the wall and reroute the vent hose to give your dryer a close fit in the laundry area.

Periscope-style dryer vent pipes are thin and inflexible, which offers two distinct benefits. If the wall behind the dryer is covered with wallboard or drywall and hollow inside, an inset dryer vent is worth considering.

An inset vent makes use of the space between wall studs, which allows you to move the dryer nearly flush with the wall without kinking the hose. An inset vent is a concave or bowl-shaped, plastic or metal housing that fits between the wall studs. By cutting an opening in the drywall for the housing and pushing the housing back into the opening between the studs, you can connect a flexible dryer hose inside the housing instead of on the face of the wall.

With this type of dryer vent, you'll likely need to move the location of the vent slightly higher on the exterior wall. A shortened dryer vent hose has less flexibility than a long hose; the vibration of the dryer can loosen the connections over time. If your dryer has adjustable, leveling appliance feet or another leveling apparatus, check it regularly to keep the dryer level. Another thing to consider is ease of cleaning.

Stackable washer dryer exhaust vent problem solved

With a close-fitting dryer, sliding out the dryer to clean the exhaust and connections is more difficult than if you have a long, flexible hose. In addition to holding a degree in paralegal studies, she has more than 10 years of experience renovating newer homes and restoring historic property.

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