Solo leveling tank

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Solo leveling tank

Magicka Templars are said to be the ideal beginner class, as they are incredibly good at survival, damage and versatility. The skills I chose here are the priority. You can pick up any skill along the way that you like, but this will be the ideal route for survival, damage and support. I will help you guide through the first 15 levels and then help you reach level 50 and what to do once you hit it.

They are nice to have while you are leveling, but you want to maintain a good balance between skills you are using, and passive abilities that help you with resource managment, survival or damage. You will also most likely not be able to constantly cast a skill and will use a lot of light attacks. That is perfectly fine.

Try making a Light Attack and then a skill. You might find that this is a good way to inflict damage, and it will help you in the long run a lot!

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In the tutorial you can already find lots of random gear and other items by looking into urns, cupboards, chests and any container you can find. You want an inferno staff early on, as that is your main weapon, but you can use your class skills even without the ideal weapon.

Which means it is imperative to have an ability for every skill line on your skill bar that you intend to level. The more skills, the faster the skill line levels, but that just as a side note. There is no reason to rush any first. You can find them in towns and villages, and they will sell you a staff for gold. Keeping the weapon equipped will level the skill line, too. The skills shown in the following pictures are just examples.

If you are already in a guild, ask a guild member of yours to craft you some training gear. You can get it crafted at any level, but the higher the quality, the less often you need it crafted:.

Morphing is the further stage of a skill and changes the way it is being used. Now you probably see why it is important to have a skill on your bar, as you need to reach and fill Rank 4 of each skill in order to be able to morph it. Simply select the icon next to the skill and choose between two options. This will make you consume a skill point.

We have five skills now on the bar. Depending on how you level quest, grind, etcyou should have found your first lorebook by now. These are books spread throughout the world and shimmer blue.

They will help you level a new skill line called Mages Guild. You will need that for this build. We have to cover some ground now, so read carefully.

Horse: You will probably want to assign a hotkey to the horse. You can do so in the keybindings. You also have to activate it from your mount collection under U default. Now, every day you are able to, feed the horse at the stable master. This increases either the speed, stamina or weight capacity. My recommendation is speed first.

Dungeon Finder: The Dungeon Finder default key is P to open it is a tool to help you find a group regardless of whether you ask around, or have a guild or friends to ask. It will queue you randomly with other people that are looking to run the same dungeon. The first random dungeon of the day will reward you with a lot of EXP upon completion and I recommend you do that every day.

You will have to specify a role, so you can either go as a damage dealer, or a healer, as long as you have the healing staff equipped to actually heal. Remember, you can still use your class skills, so you can inflict damage and heal at the same time.Account Merchandise en en-GB de fr.

Leave a Reply. As a relatively new player, I'm trying to sort out my desired race and class combos to have a variety to play with as I progress. All three of these characters are DPS. Stamina, Magicka, Stamina, respectively. Being that I don't want to play exclusively solo, I'm curious as to what the process is for tanks and healers: are the builds meant to be started from the outset or is it recommended to go with a DPS build and then switch to the desired role at a certain level?

How difficult would it be to level a Templar healer, for example? Edited by bebynnag on September 23, AM. September When I level tanks I use 5 medium, 2 heavy. Use a 2h. I just keep a one hand and shield skill on my bar at all times. So next few dungeons levelled then up fully. Pls play the levelphase only as DD Only as DD you are benefited here in game from everything for solo content.

If neccessary you can change some skills for group content ofc. Especially healers aren't any harder to level than dps builds probably even easier, because of the better healingsince you should use a destro staff anyways and have all attribute points in magicka, which increases both healing and dmg. Tanks and healers are different for leveling. The things that make a great tank health and mitigation ultimately mean extremely poor dps.

So the tanks that I know level with and always maintain sort of a dps setup and a tank setup. Note: the only tanks I know are DK so things may be diff for other classes. The things that make a great healer magicka and regen happily power not only strong heals but strong dps as well. And healing makes for superb defense. Even today she can solo most world bosses. My tank quests extreeeeemely slowly so I don't play him much.Anyone who likes to be able to play alone and still level at a decent speed while earning some gold and being able to check out a lot of what World of Warcraft has to offer would do well to check out any of these classes.

Hunters tend to be a solitary lot. A hunter takes his group with him wherever he goes. As a hunter, your loyal buddy soaks up all the damage while you stay back and pick off targets with your gun or bow. Downtime is practically a non-issue for a hunter. Warlocks are all-around great soloers, but those who spec Affliction will find their downtime reduced to practically nothing with Dark Pact.

Pet mana regenerates at an incredibly fast pace, and with this ability you can simply transfer mana from your pet to yourself at any time. Of course, a warlock of any spec has the advantage of Life Tapas well.

For a warlock in World of Warcraft, health is mana. With life tap, you simply convert your remaining health into mana and keep right on casting spells.

When your health gets low, you can use Drain Life on a mob to replenish it. Thanks to these amazing mana replenishing abilities, downtime becomes a non-issue. Druids are an amazing solo class because of their ability to adapt to any situation. A druid is a rogue, tank, and a healer all rolled into one. In cat form, a druid is nearly as effective as a rogue at rapidly dealing melee DPS. The advantage to a druid, however, is that afterward you can simply pop back into caster form, fire off a couple HOTs on yourself, then shift back into cat, stealth, and go right on killing.

The survivability of a druid is amazing, as well. Accidentally pull more mobs than you intended? Simply shift into bear form and tank them nearly as well as a warrior, only with the option of quickly shifting form and healing yourself. Feral spec is the way to go for soloing, though with the recent addition of dual specializations to World of Warcraft, you can always maintain a secondary resto spec for healing duties.

My personal favorite solo class is only available to those who have already reached level 55 with at least one character, but the death knight is just about the most versatile solo class in the game.

A death knight is a plate-wearing, self-healing, non mana-dependent, pet class. Basically, a DK regens energy to use abilities like a rogue, can absorb damage like a warrior, heals himself almost as well as a druid while in combat, and has a pet capable of off-tanking large pulls. All of this wrapped up in one single character. They are very difficult to stop.

My DK is especially good at running lower-level instances. Strat Baron runs typically take somewhere around 10 minutes, even with the occasional over pull or accidental aggro. Anyone with a character over level 55 interested in becoming an unstoppable solo machine should definitely look into creating a death knight. They are a ton of fun and incredibly capable in all sorts of PvE and PvP situations.

While I personally feel that there is no one class that excels in every possible situation, any player who wants to be a competent solo artist would do well to create a hunter, warlock, druid, or death knight.

Skip to content. The Hunter. Take a look at this article series for some basics on the best classes for various methods of play. Quick Links Top Menu. Privacy Policy.This is a setup, that solely consists of crafted gear sets, so you can ask a guildmate to craft this for you!

solo leveling tank

Really recommended to go Vampire, while you do take extra fire damage, the buffs you get from it make more then up for it. An Elder Scrolls Online guides and builds website. PvE, PvP, end-game, levelling, questing, grinding, tips and tricks for all aspects of the game.

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solo leveling tank

Changes will take effect once you reload the page. As a tank its your job to maintain aggro and taunt bosses and enemies, use the abilities such as Inner rage and pierce armor to taunt. Make sure you recast your buffs in time such as Hardened armor, green dragon blood.

If you get low on health use Igneous shield to get a shield. The end of Lag? July 31, - am. OK Learn more. Cookie and Privacy Settings. How we use cookies. Essential Website Cookies.

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solo leveling tank

Other external services. Privacy Policy. You can read about our cookies and privacy settings in detail on our Privacy Policy Page. Lord Warden. Ebon Armory.I could easily solo world bosses given enough time.

Much stronger than I expected him to be. Assuming equal gear levels, what tank is king of the solo in BFA? Are blood DKs still the king with their self heals, blood shield and high uptime CDs? Is it the mighty paladin now with Azeroth armor absorbs, avengers shield, and multiple utility spells to get themselves healed up quick? I leave out dh, warrior druid and monk because from my experience and what I have been reading they lack the self heals without healer support to sustain themselves over long periods of time.

solo leveling tank

I main prot paladin and alt BDK, both feel incredibly strong in world content. I would lean towards paladin tho, as they do more damage. In world content we are basically gods. One guy constantly figures out ways to solo tank raid bosses.

He had a video where he used Azerite traits and Pally abilities to solo tank Mother in Uldir. Prot is looking more enticing for leveling through the rest of Legion and into BFA, and for going back and doing older content and such. No real desire to run dungeons and raids outside of finishing the quest lines, and my schedule only allows me a few hours a week of fun.

Also your Azerite trait selection plays a huge part in it. Honestly you can do most things as Ret, they have a huge amount of healing and defensives and kill way faster. Prot is good for those really strong elites, but Blood is probably the best overall tank for taking on anything. Destro is to slow to solo with from my experience. But my gauge on speed is a Hunter and Prot Warrior.

I recently started maining Prot Pally for solo and PvP.

Table of Contents

I run Ret from time to time because I enjoy that, too. But I love being a tank for soloing and PvP. Prot pally has a lot more tools in its kit for soloing world content. Even more if you run with warmode on and take Forgotten Queen and Shield of Virtue. I find it the most fun of all the tank specs for solo and pvp -followed by Guardian and Blood DK. BDK can solo anything given enough time. Also if you PvP it usually take ppl so even give you a run for your money.

I havent tried to solo many world bosses though. However i feel that given the kit and should you stack certain azerite traits. Prot pally is prob top tier in soloing content. The best soloing tank, who holds the crown now? Xantherious-area 21 March 1. Hateoraid-dragonmaw Hateoraid 21 March 2. Puremallace-arthas 21 March 3. Tuliparta-aerie-peak 21 March 4.

Tyraidhe-shadowsong Tyraidhe 25 March 5. Toruk-thrall 25 March 6. Yogert-nathrezim 25 March 7.I mostly enjoy the solo leveling experience, just doing quests on my own as I encounter them.

Table of Contents

Which paladin spec is going to give me the easiest time for this style of play? Some of this is also dependent on if sitting to force a crit on yourself will proc Reckoning and Redoubt. Shockadin build also A. Is dependent on a private server build actually being legit in order to out DPS Retribution. You can me when you get to 60 and realize you do less damage then feral. We will have them modern raid logs for classic by then so pin this. I remember holy paladins being much better for leveling in classic wow because of concencration and holy shock.

It might kill things a bit faster, but Ret can go longer without downtime. In terms of questing at high levels, Prot beats both of them because of AoE reflective damage and it being tanky. Paladin Spec for Solo Leveling? WoW Classic. WoW Classic General Discussion. Yaarynthiluu-azshara 11 April 1. Pintero-moon-guard Pintero 11 April 2. Sabetha-turalyon Sabetha 11 April 3. Dracarian-darrowmere Dracarian 11 April 4. Your healing tree will out dps your dps tree with shockadin build.

Sabetha-turalyon Sabetha 11 April 5. By the time you can do Shockadin, the AoE build will out do that for world content. Bynx-baelgun 11 April 6. Log out delete paladin create literally anything else. Still do better.

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Dracarian-darrowmere Dracarian 11 April 7. So basically both the healing tree and the tanking tree will out dps the Paladin dps tree. Yep, ret was that broken.

Elder Scrolls Online Guide: The Ultimate Dragonknight Tank Build

Sabetha-turalyon Sabetha 11 April 8. Bynx-baelgun 11 April 9. Jklockedout-proudmoore Jklockedout 11 April Dracarian-darrowmere Dracarian 11 April Heladron-sargeras 11 April OR just see pages of ret is trash conversation that has already been had.

Sabetha-turalyon Sabetha 11 April Pintero-moon-guard Pintero 11 April Engineering is also your best friend leveling. Make sure to keep leveling it with you.Welcome to Dottzgaming. Welcome to DottzGaming. This build is intended to act as a framework for someone to follow while leveling a Templar, whether it be a magicka damage dealer, a stamina damage dealer, a tank or a healer.

This enables you to pick and choose from a list and mix and match how you like, thus preventing you from feeling like you have a static leveling progression! For those of you who are very new, Templars are your priests and holy warriors of the game. They are the best healers in the game, boasting an amazing arsenal of tools at their disposal when playing a healer. Once you are level 50, you become CP 10 and will be able to use the Champion Point system.

For basics on the CP system, click hereand for a guide on where to place your CP points, click here. Vampire or Mortal : Vampire is great for the extra magicka recovery if you need it, but can leave you very squishy to fire especially in PvP. If you feel your sustain is fine or PvP is your main priority, you may want to choose to remain mortal.

You want to do your best to have 1 ability from each class tree on both your front and back bar. When you gain experience, whether it be from killing monsters or quests, the abilities on your active bar are the ones that gain experience as well as their respective skill lines.

Another cool trick is if you have abilities on a skill bar you want to level up, you can switch to that bar when handing in a quest or completing a dungeon to give them and their skill lines a surge of experience. If you want to level another weapon or skill tree without using that weapon or skill, simply placing a skill from that tree on your ability bar helps it gain experience when you gain experience on that bar.

You dont have to use it! Food: Not mandatory, but if you can find some, try to get stuff that increases either your attributes or give you recovery. Tanks dont have set rotations like DPS, use things in your kit as you need them. Healers dont have set rotations like DPS, use things in your kit as you need them. If you have any questions about the build, join our discord server and ask Dottz about the build! February 24, ESO Builds Leveling. If you get better pieces as you level, feel free to replace them just try to have more of the main gear weigh than the others!

You should have 1 spammable ability in your build to use when all your dots are up and you dont need to buff yourself.

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